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Getting Brands Back on Track In These Chaotic Times.

"I love assisting decision makers. Get in touch so we can solve today’s problems together."
Protecting the stakeholder: my sole priority.

In the last 15 years or so, the marketing ecosystem has turned its focus somewhat away from marketing and toward technology. This sea change has created novel opportunities for companies, but at a cost. The very foundation of marketing: The Who, What, Where, Why, and When questions that create the springboard for every successful and lasting marketing campaign are largely being ignored.

This shift often results in marketing and sales staff, as well as vendors, working toward goals that don't align with the company's mission — which inevitably affects the bottom line.

Ensuring every buck stops with you.

Having spent decades in the marketing trenches, I have leveraged my deep experience and expertise into a unique niche: protecting and enhancing the stakeholder's role in the sales, marketing, and all associated channels.

I will ensure that you have a big-picture vantage point of your entire business and marketing process, with a full understanding of all staff and vendor skill sets, consulting with you on the most germane aspects of every pending sales and marketing decision.

In addition, I will provide effective solutions to virtually any problem area, advise on steps to streamline staff or process where appropriate, while helping pinpoint the ideal pathways to bring your and your staff's ideas to fruition.

In essence, I complement and enhance the formidable strengths and talents of you, the stakeholder, placing you back in control of the countless decisions and variables at the heart of any successful enterprise.

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