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At MLA Consult, we use a scientific process that has garnered us impressive results for more than 40 years. Instead of merely developing a marketing program based on techniques, we focus on a larger picture of building a company. The goal is to improve a business’s bottom line in one of the following two ways:

  • Boost profitability directly through increasing sales or decreasing costs
  • Boost profitability indirectly through measures like brand building and reputation management

This process of enhancing revenue involves solving marketing problems and/or making organizational changes. It also locates connection points in the marketplace where the brand and customers should interact, as well as determines the best mediums to reach the targets. In addition, the method focuses on ways to make the fastest changes.

We accomplish these objectives through extensively testing techniques, messages and targets to pinpoint the most effective ones. Equally important, we monitor the numbers and constantly review campaigns to make any needed adjustments.

Just how did MLA Consult come up with this repeatable process that has grown companies from a diverse range of industries? The foundational marketing principles have been developed by powerhouses like J. Walter Thompson Advertising and Proctor and Gamble, which are the top two leading marketing training programs in the world.

How successful is the process? Early in our business, it worked on large accounts of companies that are household names such as Burger King, Pan Am and RJ Reynolds International. Our case studies provide compelling evidence that the strategies making up the process produce valuable results.

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